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Prospective multicentre study of the accuracy of surgery for horizontal strabismus.
  1. J R Lipton and
  2. H E Willshaw
  1. Children's Hospital, Ladywood, Birmingham.


    Eight centres throughout the United Kingdom cooperated with a prospective evaluation of the accuracy of surgery for horizontal strabismus. The eight centres were divided into four with a specialist interest in strabismus and four offering a general ophthalmic service. Each participating surgeon was asked to indicate the anticipated outcome of surgery and, thereafter, orthoptic examinations were made post-operatively to determine the actual outcome. Two hundred and five cases were included in the study and it is hoped the results will serve as useful guidelines for those departments wishing to undertake audit of their own strabismus surgery. There was no statistically significant difference in the accuracy of surgical alignment achieved by strabismus specialists and general ophthalmologists.

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