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Diode laser photocoagulation to the vascular retina for progressively advancing retinopathy of prematurity.
  1. M O'Keefe,
  2. J Burke,
  3. K Algawi and
  4. M Goggin
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Children's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.


    AIMS--To estimate the effectiveness of diode laser photocoagulation of the retina posterior to the ridge in eyes with retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). METHODS--Diode laser photocoagulation was applied posterior to the fibrovascular ridge in stage 4a ROP in six eyes of four infants and in advancing stage 3+ in two eyes of one infant. Seven eyes had previously been unsuccessfully treated with diode laser photocoagulation anterior to the ridge. RESULTS--Six eyes of four children had total regression, two eyes of two children had flat maculae with residual peripheral tractional detachment and maintained vision. CONCLUSION--These preliminary results indicate that diode laser photocoagulation posterior to the ridge may be a useful treatment in late stage 3 and stage 4A ROP following failed laser treatment to the avascular retina in threshold stage 3 disease.

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