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Photocoagulation treatment for clinically significant radiation macular oedema.
  1. J L Kinyoun,
  2. R W Zamber,
  3. B S Lawrence,
  4. W E Barlow and
  5. A M Arnold
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, University of Washington, Seattle 98195-0001, USA.


    Macular oedema is a leading cause of vision loss in patients with radiation retinopathy. In an effort to find an effective treatment for this vision threatening complication, 12 eyes (eight patients) were treated with photocoagulation for clinically significant radiation macular oedema (CSRMO) defined as central macular thickening, exudates threatening the macular centre, or one disc area of thickening in the macula. Median visual acuity improved from 20/100 preoperatively to 20/90 at the initial postoperative examination (mean follow up 5 months) and to 20/75 at the final postoperative examination (mean follow up 39 months). At the final postoperative examination, visual acuity had improved in eight (67%) eyes and six (50%) eyes had complete resolution of the CSRMO; two (17%) other eyes had improved anatomically in that fewer CSRMO criteria were present. These results suggest that macular photocoagulation is effective in decreasing macular oedema and improving vision in eyes with CSRMO.

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