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New approach to estimating variability in visual field data using an image processing technique.
  1. D P Crabb,
  2. D F Edgar,
  3. F W Fitzke,
  4. A I McNaught and
  5. H P Wynn
  1. School of Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics, City University, London.


    AIMS--A new framework for evaluating pointwise sensitivity variation in computerised visual field data is demonstrated. METHODS--A measure of local spatial variability (LSV) is generated using an image processing technique. Fifty five eyes from a sample of normal and glaucomatous subjects, examined on the Humphrey field analyser (HFA), were used to illustrate the method. RESULTS--Significant correlation between LSV and conventional estimates--namely, HFA pattern standard deviation and short term fluctuation, were found. CONCLUSION--LSV is not dependent on normals' reference data or repeated threshold determinations, thus potentially reducing test time. Also, the illustrated pointwise maps of LSV could provide a method for identifying areas of fluctuation commonly found in early glaucomatous field loss.

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