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Immunocytochemical study of retinal diode laser photocoagulation in the rat.
  1. P R Richardson,
  2. M E Boulton,
  3. J Duvall-Young and
  4. D McLeod
  1. University Department of Ophthalmology, Manchester University.


    AIM: To determine the nature of the cellular infiltrate, alterations in cell adhesion molecules, and MHC II antigen expression in the rat retina following diode laser retinal photocoagulation. METHOD: 20 normal Lister rats underwent diode laser photocoagulation of the retina. Frozen sections from eyes enucleated at 0, 1, 5, 13, and 33 days post laser were examined for T cells (R7.3), CD4 T cells (W3/25), activated CD4 T cells (OX-40), CD8 T cells (OX-8), B cells (OX-33), and macrophages (OX-42), MHC II antigen (OX-6), and E-Selectin-1, VCAM-1, and ICAM-1. RESULTS: Retinal diode laser photocoagulation stimulated a wound healing response in the outer retina and choroid. The cellular infiltrate included macrophages and activated CD4 T cells at 13 and 33 days post laser. Glial cells in the inner plexiform and inner nuclear layers expressed MHC II antigen at 24 hours only. ICAM-1 antigen was induced in RPE cells and in Muller cells in the inner retina at all time intervals post laser and intense staining for ICAM-1 was present around intraretinal migrated cells at 13 and 33 days post laser. VCAM-1 antigen expression was induced in the choroidal vascular endothelium and RPE at 13 and 33 days after laser as was E-Selectin-1 antigen expression which was also evident focally at the external limiting membrane in association with migrated cells adjacent to the burn. CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that alterations in cell adhesion molecules may regulate the migration and activation of retinal pigment epithelium, macrophages and CD4 T cells at the outer blood-retinal barrier and choroid following diode laser photocoagulation of the normal Lister rat retina.

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