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HTLV-I associated uveitis revisited: characteristic grey-white, granular deposits on retinal vessels.
  1. K Nakao and
  2. N Ohba
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Kagoshima University Faculty of Medicine, Japan.


    AIMS: To elucidate whether there exists any clinical sign characteristic of HTLV-I associated uveitis. METHODS: Fifty five patients with HTLV-I associated uveitis were reviewed. These cases had serum antibodies to HTLV-I, and any other uveitis entities were carefully excluded by means of clinical and laboratory studies. RESULTS: Eight cases (14.5%) developed vascular lesions in the retina, characterised by grey-white, granular deposits scattered on the retinal veins and/or arteries in the posterior pole. The vascular changes did not accompany any haemorrhage, sheathing, or leakage of fluorescent dye on angiograms, and the retina was otherwise unremarkable. A single or clustered form of similar materials was also found to deposit on the vitreo-retinal interface of the foveolar area. These deposits resolved in a few weeks spontaneously or in response to corticosteroids together with anterior uveal inflammation. CONCLUSION: The vascular lesions described here suggest a characteristic sign for HTLV-I associated uveitis, and it may provide, if recognised, an additional clinical marker to establish diagnosis.

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