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Dictionary of Eye Terminology

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    Dictionary of Eye Terminology. 3rd ed. By B Cassin, S A B Solomon. Pp 238. $US 24.95. Gainesville, Florida: Triad Publishing Company, 1997.

    In this third edition the authors have gone beyond the realms of a mere definitional text. This edition includes clear definitions ranging from the simple jargon one would expect to find in such a work to complicated rare syndromes, even daring to give the occasional differential diagnosis. This book goes further than previous editions to include many more drugs, and systemic disease with ocular manifestations.

    Its user friendly layout allows those with a modicum of ophthalmological knowledge to access most terms used within the eye world even when incorrectly spelt. It defines simply so a scientific background is not a prerequisite. It is inevitable that with this being a ‘American’ publication care has to be taken when applied in a UK context. For example, the legal definition of blindness has to be disregarded. Perhaps expansion of the contact lens terminology may have been appropriate. However, almost every other relevant area has been well covered.

    It remains a compact, well produced, spiral bound dictionary which should be found in the pockets of those who endeavour to tackle the full spectrum of ophthalmology. A useful reference for all those involved in eyes and related professions.