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The December issue of the BJO unfortunately included two incorrrect figures. This was caused by a computer error during the production of the issue. The first error appeared in the paper by Otto et al (1996;80:1042–5). Figure2 on p 1043 was distorted; the correct version appears below.

Figure 2

Retrobulbar pressures (RBPs) recorded during surgical decompression in patient no 7 with Graves’ ophthalmopathy. After connecting a sterile pressure transducer catheter an initial RBP of plus or minus 7 mm Hg was measured. Excessive peaks and roughness of the graphs is caused by spatula manipulation. Spatula force induced pressures of over 70 mm Hg. At the 78th minute of surgery incisions were made in the periorbit and the RBP decreased.

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