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Complications of fascia lata harvesting for ptosis surgery


AIMS/BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to assess the morbidity associated with harvesting autogenous fascia lata for brow suspension ptosis surgery.

METHODS A retrospective study by postal questionnaire of 24 consecutive patients.

RESULTS Early postoperative problems with pain on walking (67%), limping (38%), and wound pain (57%) occurred mostly for less than 1 week. The final cosmetic appearance of the scar caused minor concern in 38% of patients.

CONCLUSION Fascia lata is the preferred material for permanent ptosis correction when a brow suspension is required. Most of the patients, following fascia lata harvest, experienced some symptoms of leg pain and limping for less than 1 week. The only long term problem was the scar. 38% of patients found the final cosmetic appearance caused minor concern.

  • ptosis
  • fascia lata
  • brow suspension
  • complications

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