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The International Congress of Ophthalmic Photographers (ICOP) was held at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (September 1998) and was attended by delegates from many countries with strong representation from the Ophthalmic Photographers Society (USA), the Japanese Ophthalmic Photographers Association, with the British Ophthalmic Photographers Association as hosts. This lively meeting had several highlights showing new developments in technology and in particular their application to fundal and anterior segment disease. Of special interest was a summary review of the results of the UKPDS (see Newsdesk, BJO 1998;82:1106) highlighting the special importance of both glucose control and hypertension management in the prevention of progressive retinopathy. In addition, some other very interesting data concerning reduction in stroke risk and albuminurias were presented. Discussion of the results, particularly with regard to the predicted preservation of vision by laser treatment suggested that the risk benefit for sight was not as good as it should be but the reasons for this are at present unclear. However, the great value of photographic recording and grading of retinopathy was emphasised and the main conclusion of the study design was that quantitative methods for sensitive reading of fundus pathology are needed.

Other highlights included a demonstration of the new hand held retinal camera (RetCam) which is currently in use in remote monitoring via the internet, of retinoblastoma in children (see Newsdesk, BJO 1998;82:987) and has potential value in detection and monitoring, retinopathy of prematurity. This remarkable instrument is very easy to use and has a wide field of view (over 120 degrees) such that with appropriate positioning the entire fundus as far out as the ora serrata can be imaged. Indeed, the use of …

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