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HIV retinopathy at seroconversion
  2. R B S LAING,
  4. F GREEN
  1. Infection Unit, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Foresterhill, Aberdeen

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    Editor,—HIV retinopathy is a benign abnormality of uncertain aetiology which was first described in AIDS patients in 1982.1 The retinal findings comprise cotton wool spots similar in appearance to those found in diabetes mellitus and immune complex disorders.2 While it may be associated with asymptomatic HIV infection the retinopathy is generally regarded as a feature seen in patients with laboratory evidence of significant immune deficiency.3 We report a patient in whom HIV retinopathy was noted during an acute seroconversion illness—a finding which has not been previously described.


    A 44 year old heterosexual white woman presented to the regional infection unit with a 5 day history of myalgia, arthralgia, fever anorexia, and watery diarrhoea. On examination a diffuse macular rash was noted, there was generalised …

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