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Symptomatic acute raised IOP following haemodialysis in a patient with end stage renal failure
  1. Eye Department, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds LS2 9NS
  1. Dr Choong.

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Editor,—We report a case of a 45 year old man with chronic renal failure presenting with symptomatic bilateral acute raised intraocular pressure (IOP) following haemodialysis. The pressures were successfully reduced with a topical β blocker and following the commencement of regular topical treatment his symptoms were controlled with no further record of raised IOPs.


A 45 year old white man was referred to the eye casualty department by the renal physicians, complaining of bilateral blurred vision and a dull frontal headache following haemodialysis. The blurred vision resolved spontaneously within 2 hours of onset but the headache persisted. The headaches had been recurrent following every haemodialyses which he had undergone and …

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