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Electrophysiological evaluation of visual loss in Müller cell sheen dystrophy


AIMS To describe the clinical picture and electrophysiological findings in Müller cell sheen dystrophy, a recently reported retinal dystrophy.

METHOD A basic ophthalmological evaluation as well as recording of standard electro-oculography and electroretinography were performed in one patient at the onset of visual loss and after 1 year of follow up.

RESULTS A 61 year old woman presented with visual loss in the right eye. Multiple folds at the level of the internal limiting membrane were seen at the posterior pole in both eyes. Macular oedema was present in the right eye. The visual acuity of the right eye was 6/30 and of the left 6/9. A paracentral scotoma was found in the right eye. Electro-oculographic examination of both eyes gave normal results. Electroretinography (ERG) revealed reduced b-wave and flicker amplitudes in the right eye; these potentials were normal for the left eye. The ON response in the right eye was reduced and delayed; it was normal in the left eye. A further loss of visual function was noted 1 year later in the right eye, but the ophthalmoscopic findings were unchanged. The ERG of the right eye had a negative waveform when dark adapted. Light adapted responses showed an unusual delayed b-wave, broad and delayed ON and OFF responses and a missing flicker response, suggesting a Müller cell dysfunction. Light adapted responses were slightly reduced in the left eye.

CONCLUSIONS Electrophysiological data indicate Müller cell dysfunction as a background of functional loss in Müller cell sheen dystrophy. This is in agreement with previously reported histological findings in this disorder.

  • internal limiting membrane
  • electroretinography
  • retinal degeneration
  • Müller cells

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