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Automated Perimetry; An Interactive Primer.

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    Automated Perimetry; An Interactive Primer. By John Flanagan, Graham Trope, Yvonne Buys. $120. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: Lifelearn Eyecare, 1997.

    The CD-ROM examines in detail over 20 cases using the Humphrey visual field analyser. The clinical range covered includes complicated and non-complicated cases of glaucoma at different stages of progression, and neurological cases including head trauma. These cases can be followed over a number of years with the help of over 300 sample fields, stereo photographs of the discs and computed tomograph scan images when appropriate. The graphic presentations are clear with adequate explanations given in accompanied text. An interactive multiple choice facility allows individuals the opportunity to complete ongoing personal assessment of their knowledge.

    The authors declare that they have attempted to create an easy to use case based interface to assist eyecare professionals in better understanding visual field interpretation. They must be congratulated for achieving what they set out to do. This publication will be welcomed by ophthalmic nurses, orthoptists, optometrists, and doctors starting their training in ophthalmology.

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