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A case of acquired iris depigmentation as a possible complication of levobunolol eye drops
  1. Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton BN2 5BF
  1. Mr C S C Liu, Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton BN2 5BF

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Editor,—Changes in iris pigmentation occur in relation to many circumstances, the most topical of which probably is iris hyperpigmentation associated with the prostaglandin analogue latanoprost. We report on a case of bilateral iris depigmentation with levobunolol eye drops and we suggest that changes in local iris prostaglandin concentrations may be responsible.


We report on the case of a 68 year old man who, after 5 years of using exclusively levobunolol eye drops twice daily to both eyes, reported that the colour of both of his eyes was changing from brown to blue.

The drops were started 5 years ago for raised intraocular pressure when his intraocular pressures were found to be 32 mm Hg in each eye after a 5 year period of monitoring …

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