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Developments in Ophthalmology. Vol 28. Cicatrising Conjunctivitis

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    Developments in Ophthalmology. Vol 28. Cicatrising Conjunctivitis. Eds W Bernauer, J K G Dart, M J Elder. Pp 266. DM 341, $248. Basle: Karger, 1997. ISBN 3-8055-6443-0.

    This book deals with a very difficult area of ocular anterior segment pathology. The diverse aetiology; the frustrating clinical problem, both for the patient and the ophthalmologist; the complex management issues impinging on several subspecialties within ophthalmology and beyond, make it as much of a challenge to write about as it is to deal with. The editors, drawing on their own expertise and that of 20 other contributors, have indeed met this challenge amicably and put together a clinically useful and practical guide that will meet the needs of both the general ophthalmologists dealing with the occasional patient, and the subspecialist providing a specialist service for patients with cicatrising conjunctivitis. It begins by a succinct introduction to the subject, then describes several important clinical entities, and goes on to lay down a clinically useful approach that one may adopt towards evaluating, documenting, and managing these conditions and their sequelae. The synthesis of clinical aspects with pathology and basic science is maintained throughout, making it easy to understand the problem and rationalise its treatment.

    The section dealing with aetiology and pathogenesis will be of interest to the researcher. The clinician may find it somewhat disjointed, with some chapters dealing exclusively with basic immunology and others attempting to describe basic immunology in the context of cicatrising diseases in general and of the conjunctiva in particular.

    The layout of the book, its illustrations, and its compactness make for easy and refreshing reading and help to rearrange one’s thoughts and refocus one’s approach to dealing with the problem of cicatrising conjunctivitis.

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