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Manual of Orbital and Lacrimal Surgery
  1. P M KYLE

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    Manual of Orbital and Lacrimal Surgery. 2nd ed. By Alan A McNab. Pp 142; £29.99. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998. ISBN 0-7506-3997-0.

    From time to time, one reads a book and regrets that one did not write it oneself. This is just such a book. It is truly a manual, being manageable in size and practical. The approach is logical, opening with an adequate resume of the relevant anatomy, well illustrated with drawings and photomicrographs of CT scans. The advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of orbital imaging are well covered as are the common orbital disorders. A chapter on orbital pathology would have enhanced the text, although this is a minor criticism. The descriptions and drawings of the surgical approaches to the orbit are first rate as is the section on decompression of the orbit. The approach is balanced, describing both the advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques. Orbital trauma is well covered with a particularly useful section on the management of orbital haemorrhage and the compromised optic nerve. The orbital section concludes with a chapter on the management of orbital infection.

    The five chapters on lacrimal disorders are concise and apposite as are the illustrations.

    In summary, this is an excellent book, competitively priced, up to date, easy to follow, and a pleasure to handle. Every eye theatre should have a copy.