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Clinical Ocular Photography

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    Clinical Ocular Photography. By Denise Cunningham. Pp 140; £24.95. New Jersey: Slack, 1998. ISBN1-55642-377-2.

    As part of the Basic Bookshelf for Eyecare Professionals series Denise Cunningham's contribution on clinical ocular photography does exactly what it says and gives a clear, basic explanation of a range of photographic skills and techniques needed to provide an ophthalmic photography service.

    Aimed at professionals in all branches of eye care, subjects covered include basic and scientific photography, ophthalmic photography, external eye, fundus photography, slit lamp photography, and fluorescein angiography with sections on relevant darkroom techniques and photographic organisation.

    There are 140 pages including a comprehensive bibliography and useful index. The photographs used to illustrate various viewpoints are excellent and ingeniously devised—for example, the use a photograph of the face with drawings of the pattern of blood vessels held in front of each eye to show orientation. The quality of reproduction in the publication is somewhat lacking, although this is not glossy hardback and the price reflects this. It is suggested that gaining knowledge of the interpretation of fluorescein angiography, including pattern recognition and association with disease or disorders, will make individuals' work more stimulating and also make them more valuable to the employer.

    This book does not include digital photography of any kind and neither anterior segment fluorescein angiography nor indocyanine green angiography get a mention. However, although the digital age is with us all, a good background awareness of silver based photography as related to ophthalmic photography is still very important, and this publication provides it.

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