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Randomised controlled trial of corticosteroid regimens in endothelial corneal allograft rejection
  1. Chief of Ophthalmology, El-Maghraby Eye and Ear Hospital, Khozam St Kilo 3 Makkah Road, PO Box 7344, Jeddah 21462, Saudi Arabia
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Editor,—In the abstract of their paper Huddeet al 1 conclude that “In treatment of graft rejection, additional systemic treatment with 500 mg of methylprednisolone yields no significant benefit over intensive local corticosteroids alone.”

The authors based their statement on the findings that a first episode of endothelial graft rejection could not be reversed in three of 19 patients (16%) treated with local steroids alone, while none of 17 failed to reverse when given additional systemic steroid.

Even though the benefit of the additional steroid therapy may not have been statistically significant because of the small numbers, there is no …


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