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Clinical comparison of the Keeler Pulsair 3000 with Goldmann applanation tonometry
  1. V A Parker,
  2. J Herrtage,
  3. N J C Sarkies
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Addenbrooke's Hospital Trust, Cambridge, UK
  1. Mrs Parker


AIM To confirm the accuracy of the Pulsair 3000 before introducing the instrument into clinical practice.

METHOD A masked study by two experienced tonometrists comparing the mean of the Goldmann intraocular pressure (IOP) readings against the Pulsair 3000 reading (average of four puffs). Results of 150 eyes were compared with an IOP range of 10 mm Hg–44 mm Hg.

RESULTS Correlation between the two Goldmann tonometry results was 0.9830 with a standard deviation of 1.1085 mm Hg. Correlation between the mean of the two Goldmann readings against the Pulsair 3000 reading was 0.982 with a standard deviation of 1.1179 mm Hg. Bland-Altman analysis confirms a satisfactory outcome.

CONCLUSION The Pulsair 3000 provides an accurate and objective method of measuring IOP with many advantages over traditional Goldmann tonometry.

  • Keeler Pulsair 3000
  • Goldmann applanation tonometry

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