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  1. B B PATIL,
  2. T C DOWD
  1. North Riding Infirmary, Newport Road, Middlesbrough TS1 5JE, UK
  1. B B Patil bheemapatil{at}

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Editor,—Trichotillomania is the inability to resist the urge to pull out body hair. We present a case of this rare condition.


A 12 year old boy was referred to the eye clinic with complaints of dropping of eyelashes of both upper eyelids. He was seen by his optician before the referral. Lid hygiene, propamidine isethionate eye ointment 0.15% (Brolene), and sodium cromoglycate eye drops 2% (Opticrom) were tried but with no benefit. The mother reports that his eyelashes grew while they were abroad on a holiday for a fortnight and …

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