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Remembrance of things past

“Fanon has no criticisms to make of waking dream therapy. One word indicates that he was also interested in going beyond the parameters of the psychotherapy in which he had been trained. He writes: ‘Then increasingly small circles appear and scotomize the Negroes.’ Scotomize is a very rare word. It has a very peculiar history in French psychoanalysis. It derives from the Latin scotoma and originally meant an obscuration of the part of the field of vision due to a lesion on the retina.” (David Macey. Frantz Fanon: a biography. New York: Picador, 2000:138)

Early exposure to pets reduces atopy related diseases

A population based cohort study of 2531 children in Oslo who were followed from birth to the age of 4 years indicates that early life exposure to pets reduces the risk of developing atopy related diseases such as asthma, eczema, and allergic rhinitis. It is unclear how early life exposure to pets reduces this risk. (Allergy2001;56:307–12)

Cigarette smoking increases risk of hip fracture in women

A population based case-controlled study from Sweden investigated post-menopausal women who sustained a hip fracture after minor trauma. Compared with those who had never smoked, current smokers have an increased risk of hip fracture. Duration of smoking, particularly post-menopausal smoking, was more important than the number of cigarettes smoked. Alcohol consumption was not a risk factor for hip fracture and even had a weak inverse association with risk. (Archives of Internal Medicine2001;61:983–8)

Blocking HIV transmission with cyclodextrins

Researchers know that cholesterol is essential in the ability …

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