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Colour Atlas of the Eye in Systemic Disease
  1. A D DICK

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    Colour Atlas of the Eye in Systemic Disease. Eds DH Gold, TA Weingeist. Pp 663; £115. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001. ISBN 0-397-51525-1.

    This is a large reference multiauthored, well illustrated text on a multitude of systemic conditions that have ophthalmic manifestations. It certainly is an enjoyable book to “flick through,” with some excellent photographs ranging from retinal disorders associated with infection and systemic disease to genetic disorders, including a multitude of pictures on dysmorphic syndrome. There are chapters on relatively rare conditions such as ocular pharyngeal muscular dystrophy, periodic paralysis and myopathies, and encephalopathies associated with vitamin disorders. The list goes on and indeed the book is a useful reference, with illustrations and bullet points on the manifestations seen in these diseases. But, without prior knowledge or other texts to read the book is not easy to use. However, with an impressive 159 chapters every library should have this book is on the shelf. It would offer residents and students from all disciplines the opportunity to appreciate how many diseases have ocular manifestations. What a great subject we are involved with!