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Corrections for vol. 85, p. 822, and vol. 85, p. 921

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In a paper published by Minassian et al in the July issue of the BJO(2001;85:822–9) two authors who made significant contributions to the project were omitted. They are Sunny Kaushal, research optometrist, Oxford Eye Hospital, and Nicholas Wingate, research optometrist, Moorfields Eye Hospital. We apologise or this omission.

A translation error occurred in the article by Demaillyet al which appeared in the August issue of the BJO(2001;85:921–4). In the abstract (p 921 line 16) and the text (p 922, line 8) the dose for carteolol alginate was given as “four times daily” when it should be once daily. We apologise for this error.

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