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Anterior Segment Intraocular Inflammation (ASII): Guidelines.

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    Anterior Segment Intraocular Inflammation (ASII): Guidelines. Eds BenEzra D, Ohno S, Secchi AG, Ali JL. Pp 216; £35. London: Martin Dunitz, 2000. ISBN 1853179604.

    Anterior uveitis is an important and common cause of ocular morbidity. Drs BenEzra, Ohno, Secchi, and Ali along with their contributors, Drs De Kozak, Forrester, Caspers-Velu, LeHoang, McCluskey, Okada, and Whitcup provide a comprehensive yet concise summary of this field in their recently released text, which was prepared under the auspices of the International Ocular Inflammation Society. Each of the eight chapters contained in this book are clearly written, well referenced, and accompanied by a number of very nice tables and illustrations, many of which are in full colour. Although by no means encyclopaedic, this manual includes excellent overviews of the clinical characteristics of all of the important causes of anterior uveitis, as well as systematic approaches to diagnosis, treatment, and surgery in patients with anterior uveitis.

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