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A postoperative complication far worse than endophthalmitis: the coexistence of orbital cellulitis
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital, Coventry, UK
  1. P L Lip, The Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre, City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham B15 2LS, UK g.y.h.lip{at}

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Editor,—The coexistence of endophthalmitis and orbital cellulitis in one individual is often a result of endogenous complications, such as metastatic septicaemia or infiltration from a neighbouring orbital infection.1-3 However, the coexistence of both these diseases as complications following intraocular or extraocular surgery is very rarely recognised and has only been reported previously in two patients who underwent radial keratotomy and penetrating keratoplasty.34 We report a patient who underwent uncomplicated phacoemulsification surgery under sub-Tenon anaesthesia and presented with an acute endophthalmitis and orbital cellulitis, leading to phthisis bulbi despite a good response to prompt treatment.


A 77 year old woman with high myopia and left aphakia underwent uncomplicated elective phacoemulsification surgery of the right eye under sub-Tenon anaesthesia, without intraocular lens implantation. Postoperative ocular examination was satisfactory but on the second day after …

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