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We regret that an error occurred in a paper that appeared in the May 2001 issue of the BJO by Lauande-Pimentel et al (Discrimination between normal and glaucomatous eyes with visual field and scanning laser polarimetry measurements. 2001;85:586–91).

After revision of the paper the authors found that the published cut-off point of the structural linear discriminant formula (LDF) was incorrect.

The original formula described by Lauande-Pimentel et al is:

LDF = −3.131 + (0.994 × ellipse modulation) − (0.017 × the number) − (0.086 × average thickness) + (0.111 × ellipse average)

The correct suggested cut-off point, defined as abnormal, is <0.43 instead of <−0.547. The use of such formula, with the suggested cut-off point, resulted in an enhancement in the sensitivity (sensitivity = 90.4%, specificity = 82.4%) of the scanning laser polarimeter to detect glaucomatous changes.

An error occured in the article: Additive effect of unoprostone and latanoprost in patients with elevated intraocular pressure 86:75–79

. The authors should have been listed as Tin Aung, Paul T K Chew, Francis T S Oen, Yiong-Huak Chan, Lennard H Thean, Leonard Yip, Boon-Ang Lim, Jade Soh, and Steve K L Seah.

An error occurred in the article: Fluoxetine oral administration increases intraocular pressure. 80:678

The authors should have been listed as C Costagliola, L Mastropasqua, L Steardo, N Testa.

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