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Modern sports eye injuries
  1. J A Capão Filipe,
  2. A Rocha-Sousa,
  3. F Falcão-Reis,
  4. J Castro-Correia
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, University of Porto School of Medicine, S João Hospital, Porto, Portugal
  1. Correspondence to: João A Capão Filipe MD, R Professor Luís de Pina, 162, 4150-473 Porto, Portugal;


Aims: To determine the severity and long term sequelae of eye injuries caused by modern sports that could be responsible for significant ocular trauma in the future.

Methods: Prospective observational study of 24 (25 eyes) athletes with sports related ocular injuries from health clubs, war games, adventure, radical and new types of soccer, presenting to an eye emergency department between 1992 and 2002 (10 years).

Results: Modern sports were responsible for 8.3% of the 288 total sports eye injuries reported. Squash (29.2%) was the most common cause, followed by paintball (20.8%) and motocross (16.6%). The most common diagnosis during the follow up period was retinal breaks (20%). 18 (75%) patients sustained a severe injury. The final visual acuity remained <20/100 in two paintball players.

Conclusions: Ocular injuries resulting from modern sports are often severe. Adequate instruction of the participants in the games, proper use of eye protectors, and a routine complete ophthalmological examination after an eye trauma should be mandatory.

  • sports eye injuries

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