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Iris pigment epithelial cyst induced by topical administration of latanoprost
  1. I C Lai,
  2. M T Kuo,
  3. L M C Teng
  1. Department of Ophthalmology, Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung, 123 Tai-Pei Road, Niao-Sung Hsiang, Kaohsiung Asien, Taiwan
  1. Correspondence to: Ing-Chou Lai; e12014{at}

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Latanoprost is an ester prodrug analogue of prostaglandin F that enhances uveoscleral outflow and reduces intraocular pressure.1 Several adverse side effects associated with topical administration of latanoprost have been described.2,3 Iris cyst can be primary or secondary; the secondary iris cysts are usually caused by trauma, intraocular surgery, inflammation, and prolonged use of strong miotic agents, etc.4 We report one female patient, with advanced chronic angle closure glaucoma, who developed an iris cyst in her left eye 9 months after topical administration of latanoprost in both her eyes.

Case report

A 67 year old female patient initially presented with advanced chronic angle closure glaucoma in 1994. Laser iridotomy was performed on both her eyes in April 1994. After then, both eyes were treated with 2% pilocarpine and β blocker to …

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