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Pulverulent cataract with variably associated microcornea and iris coloboma in a MAF mutation family


Aims: To report the detailed clinical findings in a three generation pedigree with autosomal dominant cataract, microcornea, and coloboma resulting from mutation of the lens development gene, MAF.

Methods: Five members of a three generation pedigree with progressive cataracts underwent detailed ophthalmic examination to characterise associated ocular phenotypic features.

Results: The cataracts present in all affected individuals were cortical, and/or nuclear, pulverulent opacities. Corneal diameters of 10–10.25 mm were present in two family members. Axial lengths were in the normal range. Bilateral iris coloboma in the 6 o'clock position was present in one patient. Uveal melanoma was present in one patient, with uveal naevi in this and one other patient.

Conclusion: The bZIP transcription factor MAF is a key lens development gene that regulates the expression of the crystallins. Individuals with a mutation in MAF may have pulverulent cataract alone or cataract in association with microcornea or iris coloboma.

  • pulverulent cataract
  • microcornea
  • iris coloboma
  • MAF mutation

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