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An unusual cause of acquired horizontal diplopia in a young adult
  1. Y C Wong1,
  2. K Y Goh1,
  3. C T Choo1,
  4. L L Seah1,
  5. J Rootman2
  1. 1Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore
  2. 2University of British Columbia, Canada
  1. Correspondence to: Yiing Cheong Wong Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore;

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Cysticercosis is caused by infection from the larval form of Taenia solium, is endemic to regions with poor sanitation. Human cysticercosis more commonly affects the central nervous system, with less common involvement of ocular tissues. Myocysticercosis is a subset of orbital cysticercosis and is considered a rare entity.


A 19 year old Nepalese housewife presented with left sided headache that had been present for 1 year. She had been treated for migraine headache in another hospital.

Ocular examination revealed orthotropia in primary gaze with Snellen acuity of 6/6 bilaterally. Both the Humphrey visual fields and the colour vision testing were normal in both eyes. There was no relative afferent pupillary defects detected. Ocular motility testing revealed left abduction deficit with the resulting horizontal diplopia. Hertel’s exophthalmometer reading revealed no proptosis. Her fundi examination were both normal and there were no …

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