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“Nothing is known of Wodehouse’s friends at Elizabeth College. With Peviral and Armine alongside him in the school, he had all the limited companionship he required. Brotherly love is a recurrent theme in his later comedies of ecclesiastical life, but despite these childhood years spent in his brothers’ company, there was no real closeness, and their paths soon divert. As a young man Peviral grew up to be an Edwardian boulevardier who later followed his father out East and joined the Hong Kong police, lost an eye to an insect bite and settled into middle-aged expatriate comfort. With his glass eye and Chinese butler, whose brass buttons wore the Wodehouse crest, he was the very model of a colonial civil servant: Pompous, dull and exceedingly conservative. (


Researchers at the University of Toronto appear to have isolated true self renewing retinal stem cells. They found about one in 500 cells from the ciliary body could divide indefinitely and adapt to a full variety of retinal cell types. These cells when transplanted into embryonic mice or chicks turned into cells of the type found in that animal at the stage of development of transplantation. Previous studies have identified retinal stem cells of limited capacity …

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