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  1. D Papalkar,
  2. I C Francis
  1. Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, Sydney 2031, Australia
  1. Correspondence to: Dr Ian C Francis Suite 12, Chatswood Grove, 12–14 Malvern Avenue, Chatswood 2067, Australia;

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We thank the BJO for publishing our letter regarding appending authors’ qualifications1 and for inviting correspondence from its readership on the issue in the editorial “Who is Ivan Schwab?”2

The editors wisely remind us that medical authorities have suppressed important findings by lesser known authors, using the notable example of Semmelweis. Even today, critical new information remains vulnerable to suppression by authorities, medical or otherwise. Perhaps the most memorable rejection was that of Novotny and Alvis, whose seminal work on fluorescein angiography was rejected by the American Journal of Ophthalmology in 1960.3

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