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The History of Moorfields Eye Hospital, Volume III
  1. R Grey
  1. Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol BS1 2LX, UK;

    Statistics from

    Ed Peter K Leaver, London: Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd, 2004, pp 360; £30. ISBN 1-85315-580-2.

    Like John Mortimer’s book of a similar title this third volume of the history of Moorfields Eye Hospital is an affectionate but critical look back at the hospital that has been a major influence in many ophthalmologists’ training and subsequent practice. The volume is written in a positive upbeat style but also describes some of the faults and difficulties that have beset it in the past four decades. In a complex organisation such as a hospital there are inevitable inefficiencies and problems with personalities but the author has wisely stuck to the facts and has plotted the course of the management of the hospital …

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