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“The combination of living in so many places with different people and attending so many different schools did not dislocate Nasser, it broadened his horizons—he got to know Egypt well. This meant becoming aware of the class divisions which racked it. Gamal travelled from one place to another by train, and he must have seen how inhumanely crowded the third-class compartments were and noted the conditions of the poor fellahin, or peasants who travelled in and even on top of them. Most fellahin travelled with all their earthly belongings gathered in one bundle which they carried on their backs, and most suffered from obvious eye and tooth disease. (


Diabetes mellitus develops spontaneously in middle aged obese rhesus monkeys, thus making them a good model for examining the effects of co-morbid factors on the development of end organ damage. Investigators from Johns Hopkins University have reported the structure and function in the eyes of one monkey who developed type 2 diabetes. The eyes showed intraretinal haemorrhages and large areas of retinal capillary non-perfusion. ICG angiography revealed a large area of non-perfused or poorly perfused choriocapillaris in one eye. Both basal laminar deposits …

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