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“Monin chooses his target, the governor, and Malraux his, the editor of L’Impartial, Monin offers Cognacq a job at the L’Indochine in the propaganda department…. I shall buy you a nice cap: on it, like on a little boy’s Sunday best sailor’s beret…. The three words that sum up your administration: Disorder, Inequality, Anarchy. Malraux portrays Lachevrotiere as a specialist in “pistol duels with the shortsighted, and sword duels with the one armed.” He builds up a hefty dossier on Lachevrotiere’s military non career. Monin willingly countersigns as a voluntary consort for the duration of the war. (


The stress of marathon running is well known. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance are two of the recognised complications of this sport. In a study of collapsed marathon runners, however, investigators noted that hypernatraemia with hyperosmolality was equally common as hypernatraemia with hypo-osmolaity. In some circumstances, therefore, the administration of fluids to collapsed marathon runners may exacerbate hypernatraemia and result in fatal cerebral oedema. (


Recently C reactive protein (CRP) has emerged as a possible potent risk marker for cardiovascular disease. The B type natriuretic peptides have also received interest …

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