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  1. Creig Hoyt, Editor

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    Ultrasound biomicroscopy has dramatically improved resolution of anterior segment tumours. In a retrospective analysis of 132 eyes evaluated in an ocular oncology unit Conway and co-workers demonstrated the superiority of ultrasound biomicroscopy versus conventional B-scan for the precise localisation of uveal melanoma, especially involving the ciliary body and peripheral iris. See p 950


    Hypertension is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Recent data suggest common mechanisms related to altered epithelial sodium transport in the distal nephron and ciliated epithelium. This may explain the coincidence of glaucoma and systemic hypertension. Langman and co-workers report that hypertension is significantly more common in patients with glaucoma than in controls. They recommend that the choice of cardiovascular treatment could substantially influence glaucoma incidence, with β blockage protecting and …

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