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Outcome of implementing the national services framework guidelines for diabetic retinopathy screening: results of an audit in a primary care trust
  1. M J Saldanha,
  2. U Meyer-Bothling
  1. Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust
  1. Correspondence to: MrMario J Saldanha Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust, Ashford, TW15 3AA, UK; mariosaldanha{at}

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Systematic screening for diabetic retinopathy is the key to achieving the targets set out in the recently published national service framework (NSF) guidelines.1,2 One of the two priorities and planning framework (PPF) targets is that by March 2006 a minimum of 80% of people with diabetes are to be offered screening, rising to 100% by December 2007.3,4 Digital photography is the modality for screening.5–8 The British Diabetic Association has established standards for any diabetic retinopathy screening programme of at least 80% sensitivity and 95% specificity.

Screening programme

Our screening programme was set up to evaluate the existing nationally recommended diabetic retinopathy screening service.

In all, 2165 patients were invited over a period of 12 …

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