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Bilateral peripapillary staphyloma, a clinicoradiological report
  1. M S Sanjari,
  2. K Ghasemi Falavarjani,
  3. M B Kashkouli
  1. Eye Research Center, Rassoul Akram Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
  1. Correspondence to: Mostafa Soltan Sanjari MD, Eye Department, Rassoul Akram Hospital, Sattarkhan-Niayesh Street, Tehran 14455-364, Iran; msoltansanjari{at}

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Peripapillary staphyloma is a rare non-hereditary congenital anomaly characterised by a relatively normal appearing optic nerve head located at the base of a staphylomatous excavation.1–3 It is generally not associated with other congenital defects or systemic diseases.1

Peripapillary staphyloma is generally unilateral with bilateral cases being extremely rare.4–6 To the best of our knowledge, there is no previous report of neuroimaging findings in peripapillary staphyloma. We report a case of bilateral peripapillary staphyloma with the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings.

Case report

An 11 month old boy was referred to the neuro-ophthalmology clinic by an ophthalmologist because of a suspected optic nerve mass noted on MRI. The patient was born to non-consanguineous parents at 39 weeks of gestational age with a birth weight of 2800 g. The neonatal period was unremarkable. Development, other than ocular findings was normal. The boy was the first child of his parents and there was …

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