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“Ever since Henry VIII founding charter, which gave extraordinary freedom to the Royal College of Physicians to have the oversight and scrutiny, correction and government of all and singular physicians, doctors have been seen as enemies of the State. The history of the College—indeed the history of the profession—has been one of politically motivated attrition. Medicine’s power and privileges, in the false name of the egalitarianism, have been progressively whittled away, especially its jealously guarded principle of self-regulation. This dimming of the profession’s flame is now creating a cold front of danger that threatens the public’s health.” (


Repair of the neural visual systems remains a goal for many investigators interested in axonal regeneration and strategies involving it. Investigators from MIT report the findings following severing of the optic nerve tract in the hamster in which a designed self assembling peptide nanofibre scaffold created an environment for axons to regenerate through the acute injury site. Moreover, neural tissue was able to make synaptic connection. The peptide nanofibre scaffold represents a previously undiscovered nanobiomedical technology that may be useful for tissue repair and restoration of the central nervous system and other organ tissues. (


Until recently there was little evidence that treatment of macular holes was effective. However, the use …

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