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“Its centerpiece was The Blind Guitarist (1778). Blind guitarists and blind storytellers, like dwarfs, hunchbacks, and idiots, were a steady feature of Madrid street life, whose tastes were not inhibited by considerations of political correctness. Blindness and story singing were anciently linked—there was a not-too-remote association with blind Homer.” (


While it has become accepted practice in many developed countries to recommend routine colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer this practice is supported by only a few observational studies. Recently a public health expert in the United States has challenged this practice and has suggested that without a randomised trial of screening with colonoscopy we cannot know whether it is cost effective. (


Transient monocular blindness is caused by ischaemia of the retina in one eye secondary to a transient occlusion of the retinal artery, hypoperfusion, or vasospasm. It has been well recognised that transient monocular blindness is a risk factor for the development of subsequent ischaemic stroke. It is estimated that the annual incidence of ischaemic stroke after transient monocular blindness ranges between 2.0% and 2.8%. Investigators in the Netherlands have recently analysed more than 600 patients with transient monocular blindness in order to analyse the …

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