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From questions on page 1582

(1) Describe the ultrasound biomicroscopic findings

Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) revealed an elongated dome shaped irido ciliary mass that extended from the posterior aspect of the peripheral iris to the ciliary body (asterisk (*) in fig 1B). The mass was centred at 7 o’clock meridian and measured 8.5 mm circumferentially, 5.0 mm anteroposteriorly and 2.4 mm in height. An incidental iris pigment epithelial cyst was also observed (fig 1B arrow). Note anterior displacement of the peripheral iris and amorphous deposits in the angle.

(2) What is the diagnosis based on fine needle aspiration biopsy sample?

The cells are large and columnar with prominent nucleoli. The cytological appearance is consistent with adenocarcinoma. (Papanicolaou stain, 100x). No particular site of origin of the tumour can be identified by cell morphology in this sample. The cytological sample was insufficient to perform immunoperoxidase stains. (B) Histopathology of the enucleated globe. Adenocarcinoma in …

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