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Idiopathic juxtafoveolar retinal telangiectasis in monozygotic twins
  1. Shabeeba R Hannan,
  2. Krishnappa C Madhusudhana,
  3. Christina Rennie,
  4. Andrew J Lotery
  1. Southampton Eye Unit, Southampton, UK
  1. Prof Andrew Lotery, Southampton Eye Unit, Tremona Road, Southampton SO16 6YD, UK; a.j.lotery{at}

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Monozygotic twins (aged 63 years old), with group-2A idiopathic juxtafoveolar retinal telangiectasia (JXT), underwent clinical examination, fluorescein angiography (FA) and optical coherence tomography (OCT). Twin 1: Right fundus showed right-angled venules temporal to the fovea; FA demonstrated retino-retinal anastomosis and intraretinal leakage. Twin 2: Fundoscopy revealed right-angled venules in both eyes. OCT demonstrated foveal cysts in all eyes. This is the third set of monozygotic twins with group-2A JXT that has been reported in the literature, further supporting a genetic predisposition for JXT. The twin who smoked had more severe disease, suggesting that smoking is a risk factor for progression. OCT is useful in the detection and monitoring of these patients.

Group-2A JXT is characterised by bilateral regions of retinal thickening …

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