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A novel technique to treat traumatic corneal perforation in a case of presumed brittle cornea syndrome
  1. Hussin Mohamed Hussin,
  2. Suman Biswas,
  3. Mohamed Majid,
  4. Richard Haynes,
  5. Derek Tole
  1. Bristol Eye Hospital, Bristol, UK
  1. Correspondence to: MrH M Hussin Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol BS1 2LX; UK; H.M.Hussin{at}

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The management of corneal perforation can be difficult. We describe a novel technique to manage corneal perforation in brittle cornea syndrome (BCS).

Case report

A 14-year-old daughter of consanguineous Pakistani parents presented with a history of a bottle cap having struck her left eye. She had a history of multiple trauma to both eyes since childhood.

At presentation, there was limbus-to-limbus corneal perforation in the left eye. The right eye had a failed corneal graft (for extensive corneal opacities). An examination under general anaesthesia showed a collapsed left eye with rolled-in corneal edges, without any scleral injury. There was partial aniridia, aphakia and prolapsed vitreous, with no obvious retinal detachment. She was also noted to have hypermobility of …

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