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In the paper titled, Plasma apolipoproteins and risk for age-related maculopathy (Br J Ophthalmol 2006;90:1028–33) previous literature has been incorrectly cited within the text.

In second paragraph of the Discussion section (page 1030, right column), the authors refer to “large associations between neovascularisation and plasma cholesterol (OR = 4.1) in the Eye Disease Case Control Study (EDCCS)48 and neovascularisation and apoB (OR = 9.2) in the Beaver Dam Eye Study (BDES).49” Further on in the same paragraph, we state, “It is not clear why the EDCCS and BDES obtained the strong effects they did".

In both cases these results were incorrectly attributed to the BDES. These two sentences should have instead cited Reference 79, which pertains to data from the NHANES III study. Citations to References 49 (BDES) and 79 (NHANES II) are correct in the 3 tables.

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