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“Finally al-Khwarizmi produced the Zif, a set of astronomical tables that was much studied in the West. Ibn al-Haytham (c.965–1039), who was known in the West as al-Hazen, produced a major work on optics and the application of mathematics to such optical problems as refraction. Ibn al-Haytham demonstrated that light travels from the object to the eye, whereas previously Ptolemy and Euclid had argued that the eye perceived things by sending rays out to the objects. Al-Khwarizmi and Ibn al-Haytham were studied and commented on in the West, but there were other even more sophisticated mathematicians in the medieval Islamic world whose works remained unknown in Europe until modern times.” (

Acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (AZOOR) is a rare retinal disorder occurring predominantly in young caucasian women. The aetiology remains unknown. An inflammatory origin has been suggested. In a study of 51 patients, 6 patients were described with multiple white matter lesions on MRI but no clinical neurologic details were provided. Now neurologists from Rotterdam report a case of acute zonal occult retinopathy in a well documented case of multiple sclerosis in a young Caucasian woman. The authors suggest that AZOOR may be associated with …

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