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Decreased prevalence of asymptomatic choroidal metastases in disseminated breast and lung cancer: argument against screening
  1. Sinead Fenton
  1. Correspondence to: S Fenton Department of Ophthalmology, Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork, Ireland; sinead.fenton{at}

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Asymptomatic choroidal metastases in disseminated breast and lung cancer

Intraocular metastases are the most common malignancy of the eye, and the primary cause is breast cancer followed by lung cancer.1 The high incidence of breast cancer (one in every eight women are affected) and prolonged survival because of effective treatment explains in part its metastatic frequency.

Ocular metastases most frequently occur to the highly vascular choroid. The incidence of asymptomatic choroidal metastases among patients with breast carcinoma in clinical series has …

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