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Asymptomatic retinal detachment in myopes

In a retrospective study of myopes who underwent ophthalmic evaluation prior to excimer laser procedures, patients diagnosed as having asymptomatic retinal detachment (ARD) were identified. Orucov et al collected data on 6547 myopes (12 815 eyes) with the mean preoperative spheric equivalence of −4.42. Five eyes (0.04%) of four patients had clinical ARD. Three eyes underwent successful scleral buckling procedure while two patients were lost to follow-up. The authors conclude that only a minority of myopes have ARD that are diagnosed during routine ophthalmoscopy prior to a refractive procedure. See page 1374

Corneal recovery after LASIK

In order to quantify human corneal recovery after moderate to high myopic LASIK, Moilanen et al studied 15 eyes (15 patients) preoperatively and postoperatively up to 2 years using in vivo tandem scanning confocal microscope. At the end of the follow-up, the total corneal thickness remained unaltered but epithelial hyperplasia was present. Keratocyte density in the anterior stroma showed a slight decrease during the follow-up but the subbasal nerve density …

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