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Why atropine drops should be used in Down syndrome
  1. C F Parsa,
  2. R Adyanthaya
  1. Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA
  1. C F Parsa, Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Wilmer 233, 600 North Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21287-9028, USA; cparsa{at}

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It is often stated that atropine drops should not be used, or are contraindicated, in children with Down syndrome.1 2 Some authors have stated that the mydriatic and cycloplegic effects are overly prolonged,3 whereas others have expressed apprehension regarding potential systemic toxicity.2 4 No evidence exists, however, to support either of these concerns.

It is plausible that previous investigators4 might have believed that the allegedly prolonged cycloplegic effect of atropine in Down syndrome patients could …

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