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Cost effectiveness of cataract surgery
  1. E Desapriya,
  2. G Scime,
  3. I Pike,
  4. P Joshi,
  5. S Subzwari
  1. Department of Pediatrics, Centre for Community Child Health Research, Canada
  1. E Desapriya, Department of Pediatrics, Centre for Community Child Health Research 4480 Oak Street, Canada V6H 3V4; edesap{at}

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According to the Canadian Community Health Survey, approximately 82% of the population of seniors aged 65–80+ (3 000 000 seniors) reported having vision problems in Canada.1 Cataracts are the leading cause of vision impairment among seniors. During the period of 1994–2003, proportions of seniors with cataracts rose from 14 to 20% with populations aged 75 and over accounting for higher percentages.1

Cataract surgery is among non-emergency …

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